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Graduate School of Engineering, Doctoral Program

Application Period

The 1st selection: May 20 (Monday) – May 24 (Friday), 2019 
The 2nd selection: October 31 (Thursday) – November 7 (Thursday), 2019

Direct inquiries to :
School of Engineering Administrative Office Graduate School Section, Kyushu Institute of Technology
E-mail :
1-1 Sensui-cho, Tobata, Kitakyushu 804-8550, JAPAN

Selection Procedures

Successful applicants will be selected on the basis of an achievement test (interview), transcripts of the educational institution(s) they attended, and submitted master’s thesis. Applicants who are deemed by the Institute to have outstanding academic ability may be selected on the basis of the submitted documents alone and will be exempted from an interview. If you wish to be exempted from an interview, it is necessary to consult a professor whom you wish to be your supervisor before you apply. If you are selected as an exempt applicant on the basis of the submitted documents alone, the Institute will notify by mail with examination card.

Date and Venue of Examination

1. Date of Examination

The 1st selection: July 1 (Monday) , 2019 
The 2nd selection: December 14 (Saturday), 2019

2. Venue of Examination

Tobata Campus of Kyushu Institute of Technology

Announcement of the Examination Results

The 1st selection:10 AM, July 10 (Wednesday), 2019
The 2nd selection:10 AM, December 25 (Wednesday), 2019

Examinee seat numbers of successful applicants will be posted on this Institute’s website (http://www.kyutech.ac.jp/), and a written notification of acceptance will be sent by mail.

* Orthography of person’s name with Chinese Characters for an acceptance letter etc.
* Names using Chinese characters which are not inscribable with computer will be changed to similar characters or converted to katakana.

Handling of Personal Information

In addition to the entrance examination, personal information obtained shall be used in the following circumstances:

  1. Transcripts which are used for entrance examination etc. shall be used in the school guide once applicant is accepted.
  2. Transcripts which are used for entrance examination etc. shall be used to determine whether the applicant should receive financial assistance such as waiver of first year tuition fees.
  3. Documents and personal information such as transcripts for entrance examination etc. may be used in research and studies on the entrance examination system of this Institute in a format that does not disclose the identity of the individual.

* Except for cases stipulated in Article 9 of “Act on the Protection of Personal Information Held by Independent Administrative Agencies,” this Institute will not use personal information it has obtained for any other purposes, or provide it to third parties without the applicant’s consent.

Security Export Control

Kyushu Institute of Technology has established the “Kyushu Institute of Technology Security Export Control Regulations” in accordance with the “Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act”, and rigorously screens potential international students on the basis of these regulations.
International applicants who fall under any of the conditions set out in said regulations may be unable to enter their desired course or program.
Access the following webpage for more details:

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