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Introduction of Fees for the Issuance of Certificates

Updated: June 15, 2022

Introduction of Fees for the Issuance of Certificates

Until now, the university has issued certificates such as graduation certificates and transcripts for graduates, etc., at no charge, but this policy has been revised from the perspective of operating costs of issuance and beneficiaries bearing the cost. (The certificates will continue to be issued at no charge for current students.)

Applications from Tuesday, June 1, 2022 (applications postmarked from Tuesday, June 1, 2022, for applications made by mail) will be subject to the following fees and system usage charges for the issuance of certificates for graduates, etc. Furthermore, the method of application will change to online applications from Tuesday, June 1, 2022.

The relevant people will be required to bear the cost, but we ask for your understanding in this matter.

Current Students

● There is no charge for issuance fees or system usage charges. Actual costs are required for postage, etc.
● Certificates of student status, transcripts, certificates of expected graduation (*only for students in their final year) and transportation fare discount certificates are issued at the automatic certificate machines installed on each campus.

Graduates, etc.

Fees and system charges for the issuance of certificates will change from Tuesday, June 1, 2022.

1. Persons affected

● Graduates, etc., and former students (including non-regular students)
● Persons who have been granted a doctorate degree without completing a doctorate course
*Excluding current students (including non-regular students) at the time of application.

2. Types of certificates, issuance fees, system usage charges, sending dates

*Delivery of certificates may require several days to several weeks from the business day following completion of the application. Please apply as soon as possible. (Business days: 8:30-17:15, Monday to Friday *Excluding weekends, public holidays, year-end and new year, and summer holidays) Note that sending may be delayed in the event of the declaration of a state of emergency, etc.
*System usage charges include regular return postage charges. Additional fees are required for express mail and overseas postage.

Points to Note Concerning Applications

Please check the following points to note before making an application.

(1) Paid fees, etc., will not be refunded for any reason. Please check with the “contact for inquiries” below if you need to point out anything in the certificate you are applying for. Please inquire using the “contact for inquiries” if anything is unclear.

(2) A credit card is required to make an application. Also, up to ten items can be applied for with a single application. Make multiple applications when applying for the issuance of more than ten items. Each time, you must apply by sending from an email address and paying system usage charges.

(3) When entering application information on the application system, please upload image data of identification (driver’s license, health insurance card, passport, etc.) via the Internet. Have identification ready in advance.

(4) If you wish to pick up documents at the university counter, select “Receiving at the counter” in the “Receiving” section in the application system. You will be contacted by email or telephone when the certificate is ready. System usage charges are required even when picking up at the counter.
Please bring identification to confirm your identity when picking up at the university counter. If the documents are being picked up by a proxy, the proxy must present their own identification, a letter of proxy (any format) from the applicant, and a copy of the applicant’s identification.

(5) When it is necessary to issue a certificate using a designated form, please contact the “contact for inquiries” below and send the designated form by post, etc. (such as certificate of credit acquisition for exemption from the Second class electrical worker written examination).

(6) Points to note concerning qualifications (School of Engineering student only)
Certificates concerning Qualified Architects, Second class electrical worker and chief telecommunications engineers cannot be issued if the necessary credits have not been obtained. Paid fees cannot be refunded after an application is made if a certificate cannot be issued due to failure to obtain the necessary credits.

(7) Points to note when making an application for a “certificate of academic achievement”

(i) A certificate of academic achievement is proof for the subjects and credits required for an application necessary for newly obtaining education personnel certification (teaching license).

(ii) If no special request is made, certification will be issued pursuant to the current Education Personnel Certification Act. If you wish to receive certification pursuant to the Education Personnel Certification Act at the time you were enrolled, please state this in the “Comments” section in the application system. Please make an inquiry to the board of education, etc., to which you are submitting the documentation about issuing certification based on the current Education Personnel Certification Act or that at the time you were enrolled.

(iii) If you were enrolled in the School of Computer Science and Systems Engineering or the Graduate School of Computer Science and Systems Engineering and wish to receive a certification of a license other than a Type-1 High school teaching license for information, a certificate cannot be issued under the current Education Personnel Certification Act. For details, inquire at the School of Computer Science and Systems Engineering and Graduate School of Computer Science or Systems Engineering below.

(8) If you have completed the university’s Master’s Program and Doctoral Program, please state the number of certificates required for which program in the “Comments” section when applying.

(9) If you have proceeded from another faculty to the Graduate School of Life Science and Systems Engineering and are applying for a certificate for the faculty and a certificate for the graduate school, please be aware that the certificates for the faculty and the graduate school will be sent separately.

(10)If you were awarded a degree after withdrawing from the doctoral program with credits, we are unable to issue a certificate of graduation. If you are in doubt about which certificate you need, please contact us at the bottom of the screen before applying.

(11)If you wish your certificate to be officially sealed, it must be folded.
If the certificate is not folded, it cannot be sealed.If you wish for the certificate to be officially sealed and have indicated in the remarks field that the certificate issued should be mailed without being folded, the certificate will be shipped without being officially sealed.

How to Apply

Apply using the Online Application System for Certificates below.
*Current students should not apply using this system.

(1) Consent to the “User Agreement” in the link before making your application for issuance of certificates subject to charges.
(2) Points to note about the application are also provided on the input form of the application system. Follow the instructions to make your application.
(3) Please be aware that there may be restrictions on operating the application system depending on the model, device, OS, or browser used.

*Personal information obtained in the procedures for issuing certificates will not be used for any purpose other than the issuance of certificates.

Contact for inquiries

Campus Phone
School of Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering Academic Section, Administrative Office, Faculty of Engineering +81-(0)93-884-3088
School of Computer Science and Systems Engineering, Graduate School of Computer Science and Systems Engineering formerly known as "Graduate School of Information Engineering" Academic Section, Academic and Student Support Division, Faculty of Computer Science and Systems Engineering +81-(0)948-29-7512
Graduate School of Life Science and Systems Engineering Academic and Admission Section, Administrative Office, Graduate School of Life Science and Systems Engineering +81-(0)93-695-6006

Reception Hours ; 8:30 to 17:15 (Closed Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays)

Notes for Holidays, Closed New Year Holidays (Dec.29-Jan.3) Closed Summer Holidays (August 13 to 3 days excluding Saturday and Sunday) Closed Other Japanese Holidays (*Please check the Japanese calendar in advance.)

*Please note that it may take a few days longer than usual to issue certificates during the holidays.

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