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The Origin of the Traditional Emblem and New Emblem

Traditional Emblem

The Traditional Emblem derives from the School Flag.

The Flag, designed by Takeo Nakayama, Class of 1924 (Mechanical Engineering), was chosen in the school-wide contest held in 1931, in which many faculty members, students and alumni participated.

The Flag is called "Hoo-Ryuu" (Phoenix-Dragon), which symbolizes the spirit of the Meiji College of Technology (re-instituted as Kyushu Institute of Technology in 1949). According to a memorial post-card, celebrating the establishment of the School Flag, the legend goes:

Crimson and Dark Gray in the back symbolize manufacture, depicting molten iron and hard steel. The figure in the middle resembles the Phoenix and the Dragon, but it is not either of them; it is a spirit that transcends both of them. The Wings spreading from eyes through ears express surpassing wisdom and infinite knowledge. The Orb in the huge mouth represents the activities of the School to disseminate the virtue of glorious harmony throughout the society.

New Emblem

At our centennial anniversary of Kyutech in year 2009, Kyutech called for new design for its new emblem. The design by Mr. Daichi Sawano, then a senior in Department of Social Construction, the School of Engineering and Technology, was selected and was modified by professional designers.

Joining initial letters for Action, Value and Kyutech with fresh coloring symbolizes our students with flourishing future and our university leading the world.

Concept and message of the design

Future and next 100 years
"movement, energy"= Action
History and Past 100 years
"value, worth, evaluation"= Value
Future and history, combined together by a bolt of motif with a solid line penetrates,
represent school principle.
Students' rapid progress, image of overflowing energetic power to the world and society.
Combination with the design above shows K of Kyushu Institute of Technology.
Initial letter of each word A (action), V(value), K(Kyutech) send out one combined message. Fresh , novel and quite unconventional design and colors represents the students who are going to be active with unlimited contribution they can make in the future, and Kyushu Institute of Technology that is going to take leadership through the years to come ahead.

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