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Security Export Control

Information about Security Export Control of Kyutech Management of International Students relating to the Security Export Control of Kyutech

From the perspectives of exporting goods, providing technologies and people-to-people exchange, Kyushu Institute of Technology has established the Kyushu Institute of Technology Security Export Control Regulations in accordance with the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act to develop the system of export control. Furthermore, Kyutech set rules in regard to accepting international students.

Countries, companies and/or organizations listed on “The Foreign End User List” which is issued by The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan are accused of relating to weapons of mass destruction etc. and other suspicious activities. By domestic law, they are defined as organizations which don't dispel the concerns.

For that reason when students from those countries, companies or organization are to enroll in Kyutech, they need to be screened by Japanese government on providing technologies and equipments used. Consequently, international applicants who fall under any of the conditions set out in the said regulations may be unable to enter their desired course or program.
Please note that you may not be allowed to start research activities until the result comes out and it may take several months.

The Foreign End User List by The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

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