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Student Residence (Iizuka)

Eligible applicant:
 1. international students
 2. Japanese students who corresponds to any of the following
  a) the commute time for one way is over 1 hour 30 minutes
   "the commute time" means the time that you actually get on from your home to Iizuka campus
    in the shortest time by using normal transportation
  b) others approved by dormitory manager

Period of occupancy: 1 year in principle

No. of rooms: 20 (1 unit 3 rooms) / room sharing
Room facilities: air conditioner, closet, bed, chair and others
Common facilities for 1 unit: kitchen, shower room, washroom, toilet

Monthly living expenses:
 1. Rent: 15,000 yen
   a) amount: 7,000 yen
   b) eligible applicant:
     i) undergraduate or postgraduate of international tudents
     ii) outstanding academic capability
     iii) difficult to pay full amount was recognized
 2. Utility costs (electricity, gas, water): 5,000 - 10,000 yen

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