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Public Housing and Private Apartment

There are prefectural and municipal public housing for moderate rents in the cities. The qualification for moving in is decided. The available housing will be allocated by drawing or by screening based on point system.

The rent for private apartment varies depending on the size and furnishing of the rooms. The average of rent is 30,000 yen to 35,000 yen a month. In addition, it is customary to pay security deposit, key money and a commission to the real estate agent, which can amount to three or five times the monthly rent.

Depending on your usage, utilities must be paid which vary from 5,000 yen to 20,000 yen a month for both public and private accommodation.

Foreign Student Housing Guarantee System(Fukuoka area)

It is necessary to find a guarantor when renting apartment in Japan, but it is rather difficult for international students to find it. Kyutech will be your guarantor if your real estate agency agrees to join this system.

Comprehensive Renters’ Insurance for Foreign Students Studying in Japan (“Ryuhosho”)(Japan)


① Liability insurance for international students

If you (international student) cause an injury to another person or destroy another person’s property and are liable to pay compensation for damages due to an accident in your everyday life or an accident while using accommodation/ residential facilities for studying overseas, insurance claim will be paid.

② Insurance for a disability resulting from an injury

An insurance claim will be paid to the insured in the event that the insured suffers an injury in a traffic accident or other accident such as while playing a sport and develops a disability within 180 days of the accident (including the date of the accident).

③ Guarantors’ legal liability

An indemnity will be paid to a guarantor in the event that the guarantor receives a claim from the landlord for performance of guarantor obligations and makes a payment for rent or other expenses not paid by the student (lessee).

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