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Public Housing and Private Apartment

There are prefectural and municipal public housing for moderate rents in the cities. The qualification for moving in is decided. The available housing will be allocated by drawing or by screening based on point system.

The rent for private apartment varies depending on the size and furnishing of the rooms. The average of rent is 30,000 yen to 35,000 yen a month. In addition, it is customary to pay security deposit, key money and a commission to the real estate agent, which can amount to three or five times the monthly rent.

Depending on your usage, utilities must be paid which vary from 5,000 yen to 20,000 yen a month for both public and private accommodation.

Apartment Searching Flow

*1) Using a Private Guarantee Company
In Japan, a joint guarantor is required when you rent a private apartment.
If you have unpaid rent, the landlord can directly contact and charge your joint guarantor without knowledge (after failed attempts to reach you). However your responsibility still remains. Kyutech cannot be a joint guarantor. When signing a new rental contract, please use a private guarantee company. Private Guarantee Company is a company that will pay the rent if the tenant fails to pay the rent on time. The company will be designated by the landlord and management company. There are some private guarantee companies that can offer some support in multiple languages in the event of trouble relating to moving-in.

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