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Campus Harassment


President's Declaration on Harassment Prevention Updated on 15 June

Since its foundation, Kyushu Institute of Technology has been producing talented engineers with a moral spirit, by practicing its founding principle of "instilling a deep knowledge of science and engineering in high caliber students". Furthermore, we believe that "cultivating students who can adapt to rapid society changes" is the mission of our university, and we aim to create an environment where knowledge can be connected across all boundaries such as "expertise", "university", "country", and "gender". On the other hand, with the increase of diversity and interactions, the chances of harassment also rise. However, if harassment exists, we will not be able to achieve this goal. Harassment is a despicable act that violates human dignity by causing serious mental and physical distress to the victim and hindering the performance of their abilities and individuality.

Kyushu Institute of Technology have zero tolerance for harassment.

To prevent harassment, it is important to respect not only gender, nationality, religion, sexual orientation and gender identity, and disabilities, but also diversity in a broad perspective such as each person's opinions and nature. Each person needs to be aware that nothing is born from the act of imposing their own values.

For students, the university is the gateway to society. I believe that it is the responsibility of the university to embody the ideal form of society that accepts diversity. Without the transformation of the university, society cannot change either.

In order to prevent harassment, I will take the lead in thoroughly taking the following values.

(1) We will conduct awareness-raising activities to prevent harassment through training and other activities.

(2) We will establish a consultation desk that can respond safely and promptly, protect the privacy of the person who is consulted, and ensure that there are no disadvantages.

(3) When harassment occurs, we will deal with it fairly and strictly.

(4) We will seek reflection on their actions from the perpetrators, take appropriate measures, and strive to prevent recurrence.

(5) We will establish an "organizational ombudsman system" as a specialized structure for problem solving.

Campus Harassment

Kyutech is committed to providing its students, faculty and staff (university employees), and visitors a respectful learning and working environment free from any mental/physical harassment, intimidations, or exploitations.

What is Campus Harassment?

Any physically or verbally offensive conducts by students and/or university employees which result in a hostile working or learning environment, or unreasonable interference with individual's work and research/academic performances.


Kyushu Institute of Technology has advisers from each of its departments in charge of Campus Harassment. Based on your complaint, the advisers will review the allegation, and call for the Investigation Committee for further investigation. With the investigation result, the Committee will serve to resolve the hostile environment and to provide you with any supports and assistances. All the records of the investigations are considered confidential, and your privacy is strictly protected.

The list of Advisers will be posted to Kyutech web page or on the bulletin boards on campus. Choose an adviser and do not hesitate to make an appointment to talk to him/her.

Consultations are available for:

・A victim of Campus Harassment
・A student and/or a university employee who witnessed any incident of campus harassment and found uncomfortable.
・A student and/or a university employee who is accused of Campus Harassment by others.
・A supervisor who was consulted about Campus Harassment by his/her student

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