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Campus Harassment

Kyutech is committed to providing its students, faculty and staff (university employees), and visitors a respectful learning and working environment free from any mental/physical harassment, intimidations, or exploitations.

What is Campus Harassment?

Any physically or verbally offensive conducts by students and/or university employees which result in a hostile working or learning environment, or unreasonable interference with individual's work and research/academic performances.


Kyushu Institute of Technology has advisers from each of its departments in charge of Campus Harassment. Based on your complaint, the advisers will review the allegation, and call for the Investigation Committee for further investigation. With the investigation result, the Committee will serve to resolve the hostile environment and to provide you with any supports and assistances. All the records of the investigations are considered confidential, and your privacy is strictly protected.

The list of Advisers will be posted to Kyutech web page or on the bulletin boards on campus. Choose an adviser and do not hesitate to make an appointment to talk to him/her.

Consultations are available for:

・A victim of Campus Harassment
・A student and/or a university employee who witnessed any incident of campus harassment and found uncomfortable.
・A student and/or a university employee who is accused of Campus Harassment by others.
・A supervisor who was consulted about Campus Harassment by his/her student

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