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Meisen Dormitory (Tobata)

Eligible applicant:
 1. 1st year male undergraduates in School of Engineering
 2. international and Japanese students are welcome
 3. including privately funded international students and Japense Government (MEXT) Scholarship Students
 4. make sure you fully understand the aim of Meisen dormitory
 5. you have to participate in the educational programme

Period of occupancy:
 1. 1 year in principle
 2. if you are judged to be as a leader for dormitory management of the next iscal year,
  you will be allowed to extend for another year. (about 10 dormitory students would be selected)

No. of rooms: 50
Room facilities: shower room, toilet, closet, bed, desk, chair and others
Common facilities: kitchen, lounge, laundry room, mail box, study room
No meal service provided.

Monthly living expenses:
 1. Rent: 15,000 yen
 2. Utility costs (electricity, gas, water): 8,000 yen

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