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Message from the President

Contributing to Future Society by Developing Talented Engineers and Creating Knowledge

Yuji Oie

The Meiji College of Technology, a precursor to Kyushu Institute of Technology (Kyutech), was founded and funded by Mr. Keiichiro Yasukawa, a noted businessman of the time. In the more than 100 years since its inauguration, Kyutech has produced over 60,000 talented engineers by practicing its founding principle of “instilling a deep knowledge of science and engineering in high caliber students.” The university has contributed to knowledge creation that will lead to academic progress, enhanced competitiveness in industry and regional development by making the most of its education and research capabilities.

Progress in science and technology in recent years has been remarkable, filled with discoveries and inventions leading to the creation of innumerable technologies. These achievements have spread through society and become part of people’s lives at an accelerating pace. A good example is the experimental network running between four organizations in the USA, connected by extremely low-speed communication lines in 1969, that became today’s Internet. In the 2020’s, a variety of devices, including computers, home electronics, cameras, and sensors, will be interconnected. The total number of these devices is expected to surpass 50 billion, leading to the creation of many new services. This is one way that science and technology are closely linked with people’s lives, and their role is increasingly important.

In this context, Kyutech continues to produce the kinds of engineers who can help find solutions to the complicated challenges facing our diverse society. Kyutech looks beyond just the acquisition of specialized knowledge and skills, and also focuses on the qualities needed to best put knowledge and skills to use in a globalized society. The university has identified the acceptance of diverse cultures, communication skills, autonomous learning skills, problem discovery and solution skills (the ability to explore) and design skills (engineering design) as essential, and is focusing on their cultivation. Kyutech offers a variety of study programs, and has prepared the best possible learning environment to maximize their value. Approximately 400 students each year participate in the study abroad program that we have offered since 2014. The program includes internships at overseas corporations that are made possible by our solid connections in industry. Students with overseas experience often show positive changes in their behavior and thoughts about learning after their return, evidence of significant mental growth.

In addition, a university is a place for knowledge creation that can be used to unlock the future. In terms of knowledge creation, research activities have two aspects of value. One value is for the development of academic studies and the other is for the development of society. Kyutech has established 11 strategic research centers for the environment, energy, space, LSI, networks, robots and more in order to ensure a diverse array of research activities and, at the same time, to actively promote those activities in partnership with the industrial world.

The Kyushu Institute of Technology seeks opportunities for information exchange, dialogue and collaboration so that people outside the university will be able to understand the various education and research activities conducted at the university. It hopes to build up networks of trust both inside and outside the university, at home and abroad, to further enhance education and research standards. Kyutech aims to realize a campus that is open to the public, and which will motivate high school students, businesses and local citizens to visit and participate in knowledge creation.

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