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Graduate School of Life Science and Systems Engineering (Details)

[Master's program]

[Doctoral program]

Master's program

Department of Biological Functions Engineering

The research and education in this department deals with the realization of materials, structures and energy conversion functionalities of nature/organisms along with their utilization in engineering. The main objective of this department lies towards the solution of social issues like global environment and human health, by integrating the fields of the environment, energy, materials, and bioengineering. Apart from this, “green innovation” can also be learned at our international research base overseas in Malaysia.

Department of Human Intelligence Systems

Department of Human Intelligence Systems aims to incorporate the principles of human intelligence into intelligent information processing platforms and into artificial intelligent systems, as well as to actively contribute to the development in industry. The research and education in this department covers but is not limited to (i) advanced development of mechanical systems and devices such as intelligent autonomous robots, (ii) intelligent information system development and artificial intelligence algorithms design that incorporate the principles of human reasoning, (iii) scientific analysis of social activities and human intelligence by using mathematical modelling, brain science and cognitive science in general.

Doctoral program

Department of Life Science and Systems Engineering

In the LSSE, cross-disciplinary and global minded education & research will be oriented under single specialization leading to the upbringing and development of human resources as follows:

  • Development of engineers and researchers having capability and understanding to elucidate the superior structures and functions of living organisms for resource and energy saving, environmental adaptation and affinity for humans and realize this for the technological applications.
  • Development of human resources who can play a dominant role as global leader by offering solutions to various issues confronting the modern society and contribute to the sustainable harmony of the society with nature.
  • Professionals having the capability to monitor the latest trends in research and technology continuously and strive to produce innovative research results.

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