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Global Competency for Engineers

Training Global Engineers

In a society where globalization is accelerating, Kyutech’s globl competency for Engineers (GCE) is providing opportunities for students to play a more active and global role. We have created educational packages which trains engineers who have GCE skills, and will promote GCE actions.

Three Main Features –Three Cs–


We define elements/competencies of GCE as indicated on the right. We are developing a “rubric evaluation” and academic systems to evaluate and visualize those five learning outcomes.

Circuit Program

To obtain GCE skills, we developed five main educational/study programs as indicated on the right and these programs are effectively run by using methods of circuit training.

Learning Complex

We set up multiple learning environments to enhance students’ motivation for voluntary learning and effective GCE education. Kyutech also has set up active-learning classrooms, international residence halls and even overseas research and education facility to provide learning opportunities in a global environment.

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