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Nakamura Centenary Memorial Hall

Message commemorating the centenary from Takashi Nakamura, a graduate of the institute. The construction of the memorial hall was inspired by the donations from Dr. Nakamura with a note reading, “With great respect to the spirit of the founder of our institute and to the tradition of Meisen and Kyushu Institute of Technology, I hereby wish for a Memorial Hall which may pass 100 years of our footsteps down the generation.” Inheriting the heart of Dr. Nakamura, who wished for the longevity of our institute, our memorial hall was inaugurated as a symbol of our institute, which may serve not only current students and our graduates but also enterprises and local residents.


Name of facility Nakamura Centenary Memorial Hall
Location Within the premises of Tobata Campus (1-1 Sensui-cho Tobata, Kitakyushu, Fukuoka)
Site area 1,022.41㎡, architectural area: 1,447.78㎡
Structure Steel skeleton, 2-story

Business days and hours

Weekdays, 8:00~20:00
(Under certain circumstances, business days and hours are subjected to change.)
*Business days and hours of café restaurant are separately set out.
Open to the public during business hours.

Main services

Multipurpose hall: 294㎡,
capacity: 150 people

Mainly serves to facilitate internal gatherings and other events held by the institute.
Open to the public when unoccupied.
(Fee-based service: Application to be filed 10 days in advance)

Special assembly room:96㎡,
capacity: 50 people

(Fee-based service: Application to be filed 10 days in advance)

Nakamura Gallery

Exhibits of Dr. Takashi Nakumura, doctor of engineering, are open to the public.

Fugita Gallery

Document on research conducted by Dr. Tetsuya Fujita,
a meteorologist and a doctor of science and engineering, who is also a graduate of our institute and an internationally-known authority in the field of tornado research,
are exhibited for the public.

Café restaurant “Café de Rougeblanc”

Open to the public on business days.

Business hoursWeekday weekend and holidays:8:00~20:30 (last call: 20:00)
Number of seatsIndoors: 36 seats terrace area: 32 seats
For further informationplease call 090-7366-6389.

*Business days and hours are subjected to change.

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