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Organization for Promotion of Research and Innovation

Organization for Promotion of Research and Innovation (OPRI) was established in September 2012. OPRI contrives university innovation in the field of science studies at Kyushu Institute of Technology (Kyutech). Its mission is to fully utilize resources and to promote leading-edge research in order to bring reform to the structure of the industry. Additionally, OPRI assists Kyutech technological research from fundamental to advanced levels. Currently, there are two divisions: the Industry-Academic Collaboration・University Research Administrator Division, and the Strategic Research Division.

The frequent activities are:

- Supporting researchers to develop mid to long term strategies
- Evaluating and analyzing researcher’s inventions to learn about potential applications
- Developing a licensing strategy with considering the potential risks
- Establishing and maintaining relationships for industrial-government-academia
- Supporting of university originated ventures

■Global Research Administration Center
■Strategic Research Division

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