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Organization for Promotion of Inovation Education

The Organization for Promotion of Innovative Education was established to quickly respond to educational measures (reforms) promoted by the government so as to determine the social needs for education, formulate a strategic response, and enhance the university’s educational support and learning environment for students. It also makes prompt and efficient decisions to implement educational reforms.

This organization is consisted of steering committee members, the Education Planning Office and Learning and Teaching Center, mainly conducting the following matters relating to:

- Formulation of basic policies for education
- Improvement of educational contents and methods
- Control of the Education Planning Office and Learning and Teaching Center as well as the collaboration and liaison/coordination with other departments and divisions
- Conclusion of agreements (excluding the matters under the jurisdiction of the Office of International Initiatives)
- Kyutech president’s consultation, etc

For further information about Learning and Teaching Center, please go to the link below.

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