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Projects of MSSC

MSSC provides arrangements and coordination between Kyutech and UPM or other Malaysian organizations for implementing the following projects.

1.Global education for students

Student study abroad program

To promote Kyutech’s GCE (Global Competency for Engineers) Education, various kinds of student study abroad programs are in progress, from multicultural collaborative learning for younger students without overseas experiences, to higher level of exchanges such as laboratory exchange and collaborative research project.

Work abroad internship program in Malaysia

Kyutech offers the opportunities for the students to get the idea of working abroad through the internship program. Joining in Japanese corporations operating in Malaysia, students learn from cooperating with the co-workers with multicultural background and taking a close look at Japanese workers struggling with the local business environment.

Double degree program (Master's and Doctoral course)

Students acquire the degrees of both Kyutech and UPM by completing the regular course.

UPM short-term mobility program

UPM students visit Kyutech about 2 weeks and experience Japanese culture and technology through various activities such as Japanese language classes, laboratory tours in Kyutech, factory tours around Kitakyushu city, and interacting with Japanese students.


2.Recruiting talented international students

Kyutech recruits talented international students by implementing double degree program and other educational programs.


3.Accelerating international research activities

Joint research with UPM

Kyutech and UPM have been collaborating in various fields of joint research, such as environmental research on Malaysia’s unique nature and industries, and also robotics, AI, new materials, bioinformatics.

Annual international symposium with UPM

Kyutech holds SAES (Symposium on Applied Engineering and Sciences) with UPM every year, and researchers and students from both universities discuss the achievement of their study and research.


4.Faculty and staff development for globalization

In collaboration with UPM, Kyutech sends its staffs to MSSC for capacity development programs.
Also, Kyutech researchers and staffs visiting Malaysia can utilize MSSC’s facilities as an office during their stay.


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