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What is MSSC?

The very first overseas office established by Japanese national university

Kyutech is devoting itself to producing engineers with creativity and quality for Japan's industrial development through 3 main missions; creating world’s highest level of research fields, social contribution by industry-academia research collaboration, and global engineer education. MSSC was established to proceed and accelerate these activities.

Why Malaysia?

Malaysia is located in the center of ASEAN countries which are amid rapid economic growth. It’s also a multinational country with many English speaking people, and it has only one-hour time difference with Japan. With these big advantages, Kyutech established MSSC in Malaysia.

Why UPM?

Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) is one of the national universities in Malaysia, which is placed on the outskirts of the capital city, Kuala Lumpur. UPM, one of Kyutech’s important partner universities, acquires high reputation not only in Malaysia but in the world.
UPM and Kyutech agreed to a partnership for academic collaboration in 2002, followed by opening of Kyutech’s satellite office as a research base on UPM campus in 2004. Starting with the research collaborations by Graduate School of Life Science and Systems Engineering of Kyutech, both universities continued academic exchanges, and MSSC was established in April 2013 with a great support by UPM.

4 missions of MSSC

MSSC is engaged in various kinds of projects for the following 4 missions.

 1.Global education for students
 2.Recruiting talented foreign students
 3.Accelerating international research activities
 4.Faculty and staff development for globalization

MSSC plays an important role for implementing the double degree program with UPM, student exchanges, faculty and staff development program.

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