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Iizuka Campus welcomes Delegation from National Chin-Yi University of Technology


Delegation from the National Chin-Yi University of Technology (NCUT) headed by Prof. Dr. Win-Jet LUO, Vice President visited Kyutech Iizuka Campus on 24 February 2023. Prof. Dr. Hiroshi Sakamoto, Dean of Faculty of Computer Science and Systems Engineering welcomed their courtesy visit and have a meeting for future cooperation between NCUT and Kyutech.

In the meeting, NCUT and Kyutech reviewed the continuous cooperation such as student mobility program in NCUT and online workshop after NCUT became one of our international partner universities in 2019 and discuss implementation of student exchange program in the future. The delegation also visited some of the laboratories in Izuka Campus and interacted with Kyutech faculties and students actively.

The courtesy visit by NCUT delegation brought a great opportunity to get know each other better and exchange some ideas to enhance the cooperation between both universities.

Commemorative photo


Left: Prof. Hiroshi Sakamoto, Right: Prof. Win-Jet LUO

Lab visit

Lab visit

Lab visit

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