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Kyutech joins online workshop hosted by National Chin-Yi University of Technology


Kyutech joined an online workshop “2022 Global Universities Partnership on SDGs and Industrial-Academic Workshop” held on 22 December 2022, which was hosted by National Chin-Yi University of Technology (NCUT), one of Kyutech’s partner universities located in Taichung City, Taiwan.

This workshop aimed to explore the opportunities for academic collaborations with NCUT’s overseas partners. In this workshop, multiple online joint seminars were held between NCUT and each partner university on the theme of SDGs and industrial-academic collaborations. For the session for Kyutech, one professor each from both universities gave a lecture on the following theme, and 17 students and faculty members attended.

Dr. Shao-Wei Chu
(Assistant Professor, Department of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Engineering)
Lecture title: “A Fast Clustering Algorithm: r-Reference Points Based k-Means Algorithm”

Dr. Kei Ohnishi
(Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science and Networks)
Lecture title: “Human-based Evolutionary Computation for Solving Problems in Human Society”

In the lectures, Prof. Ohnishi gave a lecture on “Human-based Evolutionary Computation” which solves problems in the human society by making humans interact each other in an evolutionary manner, and introduced his work to realize practical HBEC. Assis. Prof. Chu introduced his experiment on the method called“r-Reference Points Based k-Means Algorithm” which is much faster technique in clustering a great amount of data than classical clustering method, k-Means Algorithm.

This workshop brought a great opportunity for both universities to exchange information on each other’s on-going projects.

Lecture by Assoc. Prof. Onishi

Lecture by Assis. Prof. Chu

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