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Kyutech kicks off industry-academia-government cooperative project with Mongolian alumni for space technology


Kyutech, ONDO Space LLC (in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia), and the National Space Council of Mongolia (under the Ministry of Digital Development and Telecommunication) agreed on the international cooperative project to promote sustainable space technology development in Mongolia.

3 of the co-founders of ONDO Space were international students from Mongolia at Kyutech and now have become business partners to work together with Kyutech for the joint project.

They were the members of Kyutech’s multi-nations nano-satellite development master course program called “BIRDs Project” and succeed in development and deployment of the Mongolian 1st satellite to outer space in 2017.

The National Space Council of Mongolia has decided to support the project, and therefore, 3 parties joined together at Kyutech Tobata Campus to sign the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and Cooperative Joint Research Contract.

In this Project, Kyutech assists ONDO Space with research and testing of satellites, and capacity development program for Mongolian engineers, ONDO Space provides opportunities for Mongolian engineers to build satellites and to contribute to the development of space technology in Mongolia, and the National Space Council of Mongolia provides possible support for Mongolian engineers to study space technology at Kyutech.

Japanese Grand Sumo legend, the 69th Yokozuna, Mr. Hakuho Sho (born in Mongolia), who is one of the most symbolic bridge between Japan and Mongolia and a childhood friend of ONDO Space’s CEO (Mr., Altanshagai Bat- Orongo), also joined the signing ceremony as a witness to express his support for the project.

The signing ceremony and the press conference ended successfully, and all participants and the audience shared the joy of new partnership in the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Japan-Mongolia diplomatic relations.

After the signing

Dr. Uchral Nyam-Osor, the Minister of Digital Development and Telecommunication of Mongolia (the rightmost) and Mr. Anar Chinbaatar, the President of ONDO Space LLC (the leftmost)

Congratulatory message by Mr. Hakuho Sho (Miyagino-Oyakata), the 69th Grand Sumo Yokozuna

Presentation by Dr. Erdenebaatar Dashdondog, a former Kyutech student from Mongolia and a co-founder of ONDO Space

Laboratory visit

After the press conference

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