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Exhibit of Dr. Ted Fujita known as Mr. Tornado newly opens


Kyutech is pleased to announce the opening of a new exhibit called "Tetsuya Fujita Collection" in the Kyutech library of Tobata Campus. Dr. Tetsuya Theodore “Ted” Fujita was a classic Japanese-born American meteorologist who had graduated from Meiji College of Technology, the predecessor of Kyutech. He was often called “Mr. Tornado” for his contribution for tornado research.

In the exhibit, you can see the materials related to the meteorology and Dr. Fujita, including 406 books donated by the Dr. Tetsuya Fujita Memorial Association. These contributed books are part of the artifacts which was brought back from Fujita Wind Research Laboratory of the University of Chicago.

This exhibit is featured on the history of Dr. Fujita and his scientific achievements after graduating from Kyutech, and displays his spirit as a researcher which should be passed on to the next generation.

Tetsuya Fujita Collection

Tetsuya Fujita Collection

Kyushu Institute of Technology(Kyutech) Library
TEL: 093(884)3073
E-mail: tos-kanri@jimu.kyutech.ac.jp
Exhibition hours: Please see Library Calendar

For your reference, Kyutech also has Fujita Gallery in Tobata Campus.

Fujita Gallery

Nakamura Centenary Memorial Hall, Kyushu Institute of Technology
Hours: 8am to 8pm weekdays
Inquiries: Meisenkai (Alumni Association)
TEL: 093(881)2346
E-mail: meisen@meisenkai.or.jp

Dr. Tetsuya Fujita Memorial Association

Akira Kaneuji(Chairman) E-mail: kaneuji@amber.plala.or.jp
Ikuya Hamada(Head of the secretariat) E-mail: hamada-198@suo.bbiq.jp

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