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Kyutech and TaiwanTech kicks off the Joint Research Program 2022


On April 8th 2022, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (TaiwanTech) and Kyutech held the Assessment and Selection Committee (ASC) for Joint Research Program 2022. The TaiwanTech-Kyutech Joint Research Program has started in 2017, and 25 joint projects have been accepted and carried out since then.

The ASC co-chaired by both universities was established and designed to determine the total budget for the program and select the proposals.

The members from TaiwanTech are: Prof. Huang-Jen Chiu, Co-Chair (Dean, Office of Research & Development), Prof. Ai-Ho Liao (Vice Dean, Office of Research & Development), Prof. Ming-Jyh Chern (Dean, College of Engineering), Prof. Wei-Mei Chen (Vice Dean, College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science), Prof. Wei-Chun Hsu (Vice Dean, College of Applied Sciences)

The members from Kyutech are: Prof. Tohru Kamiya, Co-Chair (Vice President for International Operations), Prof. Yoshihisa Nakatoh (Executive Vice President for Research), Prof. Keisuke Suzuki (Academic coordinator, Department of Computer Science and Systems Engineering), Mr. Toshiro Wakabayashi (Director of International Affairs)

The Meeting discussed and decided to accept 7 proposals in 2022, and shared the perspectives on the new approach to the next year’s program.

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