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UPM-Kyutech E-Mobility Program in February 2022


From 15th to 28th of February 2022, Kyutech held an E-mobility program in collaboration with Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM). This is a part of the international exchange series with UPM and this time, it was arranged by the Institute of Liberal Arts, Kyutech. 15 UPM students and 11 Kyutech students participated in the program.

The theme of the program was Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 3 experts in different fields were invited as guest speakers and shared their experiences and contributions to SDGs: net zero carbon emission initiative in Kitakyushu by Ms. Junko Ota from the Kitakyushu Urban Centre, sound material-cycle society initiative by Kitakyushu Eco-town Center, and zero waste campus initiative at UPM by Mr. Shafiq bin Johar from Faculty of Agriculture, UPM. The participants also shared their experiences and contributions to SDGs during the workshop and the discussion. In addition, there were cultural activities organized by student representatives from both Kyutech and UPM, which helped the students to get to know each other better.

Despite many difficulties such as poor internet connections and language barriers, the participants demonstrated their attitude of curiosity and motivation towards meeting new people. Through this experience, they learned a lesson that taking action, whether it is big or small, is the first step for solving issues.

Program orientation board

Participants sharing global issues of their interests using Padlet

Participants drawing net-zero society in 2050

Introducing Japanese culture

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