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Online event held under SAKURA Exchange Program in Science


Kyutech had an online event with Universiti Putra Malaysia (Malaysia), National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (Taiwan), and Thammasat University (Thailand) from January 17 to February 16 of 2022 under SAKURA Exchange Program in Science by Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), organized by Assoc. Prof. Yuki Shirosaki, Department of Materials Science, Faculty of Engineering of Kyutech.
The participants had activities again online as last year and used 3D virtual space. They set up their avatar and operated it in the space.
The participants had a group work to prepare their short presentation slide and movie about essential trace elements in human body for about 1 month in their virtual room. This year, Japanese students took leadership in each group. They also shared their knowledge and skills. In the seminar of this program, 3 lecturers gave a presentation about their research topics. Also, a quiz tournament was held online as a trial.
Kyutech will continue the relationship with its partner universities using various technology for research development.

Group meeting

Short presentation

Presentation by movie

Quiz tournament


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