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Kyutech implements collaborative online international learning about sustainability actions


Kyutech implemented a collaborative online international learning program from October 26 to November 25, 2021, in collaboration with National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) and Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM). The program was entitled “Translocal peer learning about sustainability actions: online collaboration among Japan, Taiwan, and Malaysia” and funded by the Japan Science and Technology Agency as a Sakura Science Exchange Program. A total of 24 students from three countries/regions (eight countries/regions by nationality) successfully completed the program.

In this program, the participants listened to lectures about sustainability actions in various localities. Then they were divided into groups to share their understandings on the lectures with each other and discuss ideas for the further improvements, which were introduced in the final presentation sessions.

The students raised awareness about the importance of local sustainability such as actions by citizens, rural revitalization, zero waste lifestyle, and so on. Also, the program helped participants develop their global communication abilities.

The lectures given were as follows.

Lecture Lecturer
1. Orientation -
2. [Kitakyushu City (Japan)]
Experiences of overcoming pollution and public-private-citizen partnership
Masahiko Ota, Associate Professor at Kyutech
3. [Kunisaki Peninsula-Usa Area (Japan)]
Educational programs for revitalization of rural area in Japan: in case of Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems of Kunisaki Peninsula and Usa area
Hiroaki Hayashi, Chairman of the Kunisaki Peninsula-Usa GIAHS Promotion Association
4. [Kamikatsu Town (Japan)]
Zero waste village of Japan
Linda Ding and Kana Watando, Co-Founders of INOW Kamikatsu
5. [Taipei (Taiwan)]
Rethinking urban climate resilience from a political perspective: a case study on Shezidao, Taipei City
Mucahid Mustafa Bayrak, Assistant Professor at NTNU
6. [Klang Valley (Malaysia)]
Citizen Science Project for River Management
Mohd Yusoff Ishak, Associate Professor at UPM
7. Final presentations by participants -

Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System in Kunisaki Peninsula and Usa area

Zero waste initiatives in Kamikatsu town

Environmental justice focusing on Taipei

Citizen science for river management

Final presentations by participants

Group photo

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