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Extracurricular class held for Moji Gakuen High School students at Smart Life Care Co-Creation Laboratory


Two students aspiring to become nurses at Moji Gakuen High School visited the Smart Life Care Co-creation Lab on August 4 2021, led by Representative Director Sakashita of the Home Nursing Center Kitakyushu, as a part of the "Touch-and-Feel Nursing Experience Extracurricular Class" organized by the Japan Nurses Association.

Prof. Shibata and his students of the Department of Human Intelligence Systems, Graduate School of Life Science and Systems Engineering, provided a tour for them.
Prof. Shibata gave an overview of the dilemma of nursing care innovation and the Smart Life Care Co-creation Lab to solve it, and Shibata Lab students introduced Experience / Evaluation Zone and Prototype Development Zone.

The Lab members showed them a wearable motion capture system in Experience and Evaluation Zone and another demonstration of a walking assist device using pneumatically driven artificial muscles for Parkinson's disease patients in the Prototype Development Zone.

The students excitedly said, "Kyushu Institute of Technology is amazing. We want to be research students someday."

Although the primary purpose of the Smart Life Care Co-creation Lab is to innovate nursing care, the Lab will continue to make the place as open as possible for education and co-creation.

Explaining Prototype Development Zone

Students intently listening to Prof. Shibata's short lecture

Explaining Experience / Evaluation Zone

Group photo

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