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Kyutech highly rated on certified third-party evaluation for its effort in internationalization


On March 24, the results of the 2019 Institutional Thematic Evaluation was announced by National Institution for Academic Degrees and Quality Enhancement of Higher Education (NIAD-QE).

Kyutech underwent the evaluation on the category of 'Internationalization of Higher Education' and acquired the highest ratings in all evaluation items.

Evaluation result: (Excerpted from the evaluation report)
The attainment of the goals of Kyushu Institute of Technology is regarded as Excellent based on the Institutional Thematic Assessment of the 'Internationalization of Higher Education'.
-the 'development of an international teaching and learning environment' is Excellent.
-the 'admissions of international students' is Excellent.
-the 'dispatch of domestic students abroad' is Excellent.

Since 2012, kyutech has been promoting GCE (Global Competency for Engineer) education aimed at producing engineers who work actively in global society.
In this evaluation, Kyutech is highly evaluated especially in its promotion of GCE education, promotion of outbound student mobility programs for students, development of overseas bases, and visualization of the achievements through collaborations with overseas partners.

We will continue to promote these initiatives and train highly specialized engineers who play an active role on the international scene.

◇For more details on GCE education, click here (Japanese)
◇For the evaluation result, see NIAD-QE website (Japanese)


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