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MSSC receives Kyutech undergraduate students for 2-week summer mobility program at UPM


MSSC UPM-KYUTECH received a total of 33 students and 2 officers from Kyutech on 10 - 22 September 2019 for a UPM-KYUTECH Study Abroad Summer Programme. The purpose of this programme is to expose Kyutech students to different experience and environment in foreign country like Malaysia in terms of education, economy, and culture.

All of Kyutech students stayed at Kolej Pendeta Zaaba (KPZ) 's dormitory. They were guided by UPM students (buddies). During their stay, they attended classes and visited laboratories in UPM. They went to Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Science and actively participated in the lectures. They changed opinions and information with lecturers and UPM students.

Other than academic-related activities, the students also visited many places nearby like Beryl's Chocolate Factory, Putrajaya Mosque, Sime Darby Plantation and they even went for jungle trekking at Sultan Idris Shah Forestry Education Center (SISFEC). They did a lot of various activities such as learning about cultural authenticity, knowing about local industries, and also venturing into the woods.

The students also had the chance to visit Japanese factories here like TOTO Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. in Senawang and Canon Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. in Shah Alam. They discovered that there are so many Japanese corporations operating in Malaysia and received lots of information from Japanese workers about how they managed to work together with multiracial employees in spite of different language and practice.

Kyutech students together with their buddies, had the opportunity to stay one night and experienced village life at a homestay in Malacca. They learned more about Malaysian culture, e.g., clothes, food, traditional dance and games. They also visited historical place in Malacca like the A'Famosa.

Throughout the programme, the students said they have gained so many experience and knowledge which helped them to improve their understanding of other's culture, created life-time memories and also made them love and appreciate their own country even more. Living in another country has been a real eye-opener to them and motivated them to think global which will lead them to the future as a global engineer.

TOTO Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. visit

Canon Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. visit

Laboratory visit at Faculty of Science

Beryl's Chocolate Factory visit

Jungle trekking in SISFEC

Experiencing village life in Malacca homestay

Visiting historical place in Malacca

Putrajaya Mosque visit

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