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The 6th Seminar for Young Researchers


The 6th Seminar for Young Researchers was held on 3 July at Tobata Campus, as a part of the program “Establishment of sustainable network in biomedical field and encouragement of future women leader” under SAKURA Exchange Program in Science by Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST).

Kyutech invited 3 lecturers from industry, government and academia, and they gave encouraging messages to the young students who will lead the next generation, by introducing their career and current research.

Dr. Akiko YAMAMOTO (National Institute for Materials Science, Japan)
Mr. Masatomo TAKAHASHI (NOF Corporation, Japan)
Prof. Masaya YAMAMOTO (Tohoku University, Japan)

Dr. Akiko Yamamoto

Mr. Masatomo Takahashi

Prof. Masaya Yamamoto

Q&A sessions

Q&A sessions

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