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Kyutech as world No. 1 again in university small satellite deployments


A space industry observer has renewed its report about academic operators of small satellites.

"Bryce Space and Technology" is a company based in northern Virginia in the United States and is partially funded by NASA. Last year, it released “Smallsats by the Numbers 2018” where it declared that Kyutech is the No. 1 academic operator of small satellites. Recently, this company issued the 2019 edition of the same report and Kyutech came out on top again. Kyutech is now further ahead of its competitors and now trailed by Technical University of Berlin, University of Colorado Boulder, Tsinghua University, and a long list of others.

Kyutech deployed 5 small sats into orbit in 2018, and 4 small sats will be launched in 2019. Therefore, by the end of 2019, it is expected that the small satellite launch tally for Kyutech will reach 18. This figure will probably be reflected in the next edition of the smallsat report published by Bryce.

"Smallsats by the Numbers 2019" can be viewed here:

Smallsats by the Numbers 2019

The number of smallsats operated by academic institutions

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