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MSSC receives Kyutech students for mobility programmes with UPM


Kyutech’s Malaysia Super Satellite Campus (MSSC) received a total of 31 students from Kyutech who visited Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) from 6 - 20 October as part of on-going annual mobility programmes (Green Innovation, Solar DSSC, Engineering LEGO, Robotics NAO).

These 2-week programmes comprise of lectures and laboratory works in the daytime; whilst the nights and weekends are packed with cultural exchange. This balance is important as a holistic education experience for the student. The students also showed great empathy and compassion during the weekend excursion to the Historic City of Malacca, where they interacted and contributed to the disabled children at a local rehabilitation centre.

In their final presentation, the students share their results, opinions, and comments based on input from all parts of the programme. One common thought which is always highlighted from these short mobility programmes is the importance of communication and mastery of language, especially English, in the international scene.

These short-term mobility programmes aim to expose students to the international environment as well as collaborating with foreign entities to achieve a mutual goal, and MSSC supports the students before and during their stay in Malaysia.

First group arrived on Oct 6

Second group arrived on Oct 7

Engineering LEGO group

Robotics NAO group

Solar DSSC group

Green Innovation group

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