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International Friendship Party, 2018


 On December 5th, Kyutech held 'International Friendship Party, 2018' at Learning Agora, Iizuka campus. Kyutech holds this party every year for all international students and researchers, and their supporters and volunteers invited from outside of the campus.
 More than 200 people attended the party this year. The student from Brazil emceed the party in Japanese and English, and the students from the Philippines, France, and Thailand played music and sang songs which are popular worldwide or in their home countries. After two students from India performed their traditional dance, some students started dancing with the music from their countries together with other students, guests, and staff.
 Everyone enjoyed the performances, chatting, and food and drinks. It was a good opportunity for the international students and researchers to thank the guests for their support, and to deepen exchanges among all the people attended.

Opening address by Prof. Dr. Seiji Kajihara, Dean of Faculty of Computer Science and Systems Engineering

Band performance by Filipino and French students

Chanson by French student

Thai band performance

Indian traditional dance

Group photo

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