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Kyutech student wins best paper award at ICIEV & IVPR international conference


Tahera Hossain, a student of Prof. Sozo Inoue’s lab of Department of Human Intelligence Systems, Graduate School of Life Science and Systems Engineering, won the Best Paper Award at the international conference, 7th ICIEV & 2nd IVPR.

She is a second-year doctoral student of Graduate School of Engineering and presented her paper “A Study on Sensor-based Activity Recognition Having Missing Data” at the conference, which participants attended from more than 25 countries and regions. Her paper won the award as one of the 5 best papers, among 110 papers accepted out of 271 submissions.

In her paper, she considers the problem of deterioration of recognition accuracy when missing data is included in sensor activity recognition data. Her proposed method showed improvement in recognition accuracy by combining multiple features in various data deficit situations, and this is the point highly acclaimed for the award.

The Best Paper Award

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