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Field Trip 2017 for International Students


48 Kyutech International Students from 16 countries had a field trip to Nakatsu City, Oita prefecture on March 10th, 2017. The group visited the Nakatsu Plant of Daihatsu Motor Kyushu, Yukichi Fukuzawa Memorial Museum, and Nakatsu Castle.
During the plant tour, the students looked surprised by the number of products per day, the nonstop line works, the automation process by 50 robots. They listened to the explanation of the guides and asked questions eagerly about the plant.
The group toured Yukichi Fukuzawa Memorial Museum next, and was exposed to Japanese culture, Hina Dolls' Festival. Several Hina Dolls were set up in the old Japanese style house and also hung on the tree branches in the garden.
They visited Nakatsu Castle at the end, enjoyed the panoramic view from the tower, the architecture of the castle, and the displays such as the suits of armor.
It was quite limited in time for a field trip, but the students had satisfied looks having opportunities to be exposed to Japanese technology, culture and history.

Before the plant tour at Daihatsu Motor Kyushu

Photo with the Emblem of Daihatsu Motor Kyushu

With hina dolls in the garden of Yukichi Fukuzawa's former house

Nakatsu Catsle in the background

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