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4th Batch of UPM Look East Mobility Program held at Kyutech


From February 13 to 24, 2017, a total of 20 students from Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) visited Kyutech for a short-term student exchange program (“Look East Mobility Program").
UPM students went on factory tours to famous and important companies in the Kitakyushu city and surrounding areas, i.e. Shabondama Soap, Eco-town, and Nissan Motor Kyushu, and attended a lecture from the Environment Bureau of the Kitakyushu city, and thereby deepened their understanding of recycling-oriented society and sustainable development. They also went on a lab tour to Prof. Omura and Prof. Matsumoto Labs and attended a lecture from Dr. Zhang in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering to experience advanced technologies of Kyutech.
In addition to these, they experienced Japanese classes, cultural activities at Ashiyagama-no-Sato, and activities with Kyutech buddies, and appeared to have learned about various aspects of Japanese society. Prof. Oie, President of Kyutech, and Prof. Serikawa, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, joined the final presentation session, and referred to further collaboration in students exchange and other educational activities.

Lab tour (Omura & Matsumoto Labs)

Lecture from Dr. Zhang

Preparation study for factory tours

Factory tour (Shabondama Soap)

Cultural activities (Asiyagama-no-sato)

Lecture from the Environment Bureau of the Kitakyushu city

Group photo with the President of Kyutech and Dean of the Faculty of Engineering

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