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Unveiling press conference on BIRDS Satellite Project


Kyutech held a press conference celebrating the completion of the flight models of BIRDS Satellite Project, which is Kyutech's satellite development project consisting of a constellation of five nano satellites. The satellites had been created in cooperation with various countries in Asia and Africa, and they are aimed to be released simultaneously from the ISS in 2017. The press conference was connected with JAXA online, and the project team members explained the mission objectives to a great number of journalists from Kitakyushu and Tokyo.

After greetings from Kyutech president Yuji Oie, the guests from the countries related to this project gave short speeches. Subsequently, Professor Mengu Cho (head of the Laboratory of Spacecraft Environment Interaction Engineering), Mr. Masaru Wada (Jaxa) and Mr. Taejumora Taiwo (project manager, 2nd year doctoral student of the Graduate School of Advanced Functional Systems Engineering) provided further explanations.

After Q&A session, the participants moved to a clean room to see the flight models. This press conference was featured by various media, such as TV news and newspapers the following day.

Greeting from President Oie

Guests' short speeches

Overview by Professor Cho

Overview by Mr. Wada of JAXA

Mr. Taiwo's presentation

Group photo of the project team

Flight models in clean room

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