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Kyutech and the US’s leading university agree to a partnership for academic exchanges


Kyutech has made an agreement for a partnership with the City College of New York (CCNY), one of the leading universities in the US. President Yuji OIE and the delegates of Kyutech visited CCNY on December 9th, and President Oie and Provost Mary Driscoll of CCNY signed the MOU for academic exchanges.

CCNY has almost 170 years of history, and produced many Nobel laureates and top runners in various kinds of fields. In these couple of years, Kyutech and CCNY has been exchanging faculty members and students.

With this agreement, both universities will accelerate the academic exchanges, starting with a faculty workshop next year and a quarterly-based student outbound program.

The main gate to CCNY

Signing ceremony

(Left) Provost Mary Driscoll of CCNY (Right) President Yuji OIE of Kyutech

(From left to right) CCNY: Prof. Abbe Mowshowitz, Department Chair Akira Kawaguchi, Provost Driscoll Kyutech: President OIE, Prof. Eiji HAYASHI, Executive Vice President Eitaku NOBUYAMA

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