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Collaborative learning on "Stock Design and Management" with Tunghai University


Eight students of Graduate School of Engineering of Kyutech had an international collaborative learning activity with seven grad students of Tunghai University in Taichung, Taiwan. This activity was conducted for six days, on November 2-7 of 2016, as part of "Stock Design and Management Education Program", supervised by Assoc. Prof. Tokuda from Kyutech, Prof. Su from Tunghai University and other professors.

The activity in this program consisted of three parts.
- A workshop which Taiwanese and Japanese student work in pair and search possibilities of the old town area of Taichung
- A group study which fifty participants from the two universities and Gakushuin University were separated into eight groups and each group conducts a field survey on the old town area of Taichung
- Participating in tours and open symposium of Academic Conference on Renovation and Community Development held at Chiayi, Taichung on November 5-7

Despite the cultural difference between Taiwan and Japan, difference in research field and language barrier, the students showed their powerful adaptability by easily getting along with each other and working together on discussions, researches and collaborations. They had so many activities to do from morning till night every day, but everyone seemed to be satisfied with those fruitful days.

Group work

Field survey

Presentation on achievement

Group photo

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