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President’s message on COVID-19: Kyutech’s response to the declaration of a state of emergency


As you may know from the news reports, the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19) is spreading day by day, and an increasing number of infection cases have been confirmed here in Fukuoka. On 7 April, the Government of Japan declared a state of emergency under the Act on Special Measures against COVID-19 and 7 prefectures including Fukuoka have been designated as the areas subject to the declaration.

Considering the significance and purpose of the government’s declaration and emergency measures taken by Fukuoka prefecture, Kyutech has made a decision, for its social responsibility, to postpone the start day of the spring semester until 7 May and minimize the number of people entering the campus, in order to deter the expansion of the infection with maintaining the function of the University.

All the students, it is not allowed to enter the campus in principle. And please be noted to take good care of yourselves and act cautiously to prevent the expansion of the infection. The University will take every possible measure to maintain the quality of education and not to cause any disadvantage for the students.

The faculty and staff, your cooperation will be highly appreciated for preventing COVID-19 infection by working remotely or other ways to minimize commuting days. And in order to maintain the university function under various conditions and situations, please prepare for remote lectures substituting face-to-face lectures.

In this unforeseeable situation, Kyutech will implement adequate and expeditious measures not to stagnate its education and research activities, in coordination with the Emergency Headquarters and related departments. Also, Kyutech will continue to send out the latest information by e-mail, on-campus groupware, and the University website.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation, and let us work together to overcome the unprecedented global crisis today.

Yuji Oie
Kyushu Institute of Technology

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