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Kyutech welcomes University of California this year again


 University of California Summer Abroad Program in Japan@Kyutech was held from June 25th to June 29th at Kyutech Tobata campus.

 15 students from University of California (UC) and overall 19 students of Kyutech have participated in this program spending 1 week together for the lectures by Prof. John Bolander, welcome exchange workshop by Prof. Keitaro Ito's laboratory, field trips, collaborative study project for the final joint presentations ( Second Annual Kyutech-UC Student Session on Sustainability of the Built Environment ).

 Kyutech would like to express deepest gratitude to the students from UC and Prof. Bolander from UC Davis to give this great opportunity to Kyutech students to participate in this program and to make friends with each other.

Group Picture

Lecture by Prof. John Bolander from UC Davis

Welcome exchange workshop with Prof. Ito's laboratory

Collaborative study pic.1

Collaborative study pic.2

Collaborative study pic.3

Final joint presentation pic.1

Final joint presentation pic.2

Final joint presentation pic.3

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