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The 2nd joint symposium on Chemical Vapor Deposition Method at St. Petersburg Polytechnical University on March 14-15


 Professor Izumi, Dr. Katamune and 6 students from Kyutech visited St. Petersburg Polytechnical University (SpbPU) in Russia, as part of the GCE program of Kyutech.
 They participated in the 2nd joint symposium on Chemical Vapor Deposition Method which was held on March 14th and 15th at SpbPU. During the symposium, they actively exchanged their opinions with recent 15 papers presented. Also university and laboratory facility tour was held by the guidance of professors, technical staffs and students of SpbPU. Kyutech professors and students have deepened their understanding of the history of SpbPU and its facilities.
 Furthermore, a tea party was held thanks to the kind consideration of SpbPU. The party was filled with a warm and harmonious atmosphere and Kyutech students got to know better about local Russian students and their culture. Surprisingly, special handmade cake made by a female student was served to all guests which had logo marks of both Kyutech and SpbPU on its side. Of course it was perfectly made and absolutely tasty.
 It was a good opportunity for Kyutech students to know the history, culture, and technology of Russia during their short term visit.

Joint Symposium held on March 14-15

Group Photo

Special handmade cake served at the tea party

University and laboratory facility tour

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