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Kyutech-Universit Putra Malaysia (UPM) Moblitiy Program (Winter 2018)


 22 students from Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) visited Kyutech from January 17th to January 30th, 2018, as a mobility program between Kyutech and UPM.
 Through the program, students experienced several classes and laboratory tours by Kyutech professors. These include a lecture on polyhedra by Emeritus Prof. Dr. Mimura, a lecture on heat transfer by thermal radiation by Specially Appointed Assist. Prof. Tranchant (Faculty of Engineering) and a lecture on mass-energy equivalence relation by Assist. Prof. Jha (Faculty of Engineering). Also students carried out the experiment on superconductivity by Prof. Otabe (Faculty of Computer Science and Systems Engineering) and experiment on Suzuki-coupling by Prof. Kitamura (Faculty of Engineering) and Assoc. Prof. Okauchi (Faculty of Engineering). At the laboratory tours, Assoc. Prof. Nishida (Faculty of Engineering) explained about robots while Assoc. Prof. Kitamura (Faculty of Engineering) held a short lecture on laser forming and Assist. Prof. Kim (Faculty of Engineering) made a presentation on small satellites.

Lecture on regular polyhedra

Lecture on heat transfer

Lecture on mass-energy equivalence relation

Experiment on superconductivity

Experiment on Suzuki-coupling

Explanation on robots

Presentation on small satellites

 Participants also attended workshops on sustainability offered by Learning & Teaching Center and visited Eco-town Center, Shabondama Soap Co., Ltd., and Yaskawa Electric Corporation to learn about the latest technology and their commitments for environmental protection. Participants further deepened their knowledge about Japanese culture and Kyutech through Japanese classes, visits to Ashiyagama-no-sato and interaction with students from Itoh laboratory and Kyutech buddies.

Workshop on sustainability

Factory tour (Shabondama Soap Co., Ltd.)

Introduction of Japanese culture by Itoh lab students

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