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International Friendship Party, 2017


 On December 6th, Kyutech held 'International Friendship Party, 2017' for all international students and researchers inviting their supporters and volunteers from inside and outside of the campus.
 More than 210 people were gathered to the party which was held in the cafeteria on Tobata campus. The student from India who wore his national dress acted as MC, and international students from Bangladesh, Russia, Egypt, and India performed a singing, introducing home country, and playing the music using instrument app.
 Everyone enjoyed their performance, chatting, and having some food and drink. It was a good opportunity for international students and researchers to thank guests for their support, and to deepen exchanges among all the people attended.

Opening address by President Dr. Oie

The president of KITFSA* giving a speech and the MC wearing his national dress *KITFSA-Kyushu Institute of Technology Foreign Students Association

Russian student singing a song of her country

The student from Egypt introducing his country

Group pictures

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