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Exhibition of a Clothing Assistance Robot System at iREX 2017 (November 29 to December 2, 2017)


The Shibata laboratory have been conducting research on advanced assistive robotics using a dual arm robot that can cooperate with humans.
This time, we will exhibit clothing assistance robot system leading the world.

Professor Shibata has started to develop it in the world for the first time. It was awarded the best application paper award at the world's top-level international conference.

Elderly people generally narrow the movable range of the shoulder, making self-clothing movement difficult. Also, during assistance action, clothing assistance is generally one of the things that take time.

The Shibata laboratory is promoting research to assist clothes automatically by using a dual arm robot with vision. We also have conducted field trials.

In this exhibition, we will demonstrate a double-arm robot to assist humans from where they pass shirts through both arms to the point where the hem gets close to the waist.
We will also exhibit and explain materials on elemental technologies that we are promoting research and development on clothing assistance robotics.

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