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Kyutech welcomes Delegates of National University of Mongolia


On October 16th, President Dr. Ya TUMURBAATAR and Vice-Presidenet Dr. Baldorj OCHIRKHUYAG of National University of Mongolia (NUM) visited Kyutech.

Kyutech and NUM have started international collaborations on capacity development program by receiving doctoral students from NUM and joint research in the fields of the Next Generation Power Semiconductor and the Multi-Nations Nano Satellite Development Project.

Taking advantage of this visit, Kyutech and NUM expect for advanced international collaboration in near future.

Kyutech international student from NUM explaining about his research theme to the NUM delegates (at the Next Generation Power Semiconductor Research Center, Kyutech Wakamatsu Campus)

Discussion of the future collaboration

President Dr. Ya TUMURBAATAR(the third from the right) and Vice-President Dr. Baldorj OCHIRKHUYAG(the second from the right) of NUM

Mongolian student from NUM in the International Space Enigineering Graduate Course explaining the operation of the Mongolian first satellite and discussing the future of Mongolian space engineering development

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