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Delegates of Changwon National University from Korea visits Kyutech


Group Photo after the President meeting

President Choi Haebeom of Changwon National University (CNU), a partner university in Korea, visited Kyutech on 7 and 8 of June with Dean of International Affairs Yun Sehong and Prof. Kim Jonghwa.

They visited Career Center on Tobata Campus after exploring Wakamatsu Campus, Kitakyushu Science and Research Park and Kitakyushu Eco-Town Center. At Career Center, they exchanged the information on issues such as current circumstances of the employment after graduation both in Japan and Korea, and earnestly asked the questions about Kyutech’s support for its students on career building and job placement. Afterwards, CNU and Kyutech confirmed the procedure of the LoI between Manufacturing Support Center of Kyutech and 5X-CAM Regional Innovation Center of CNU and also lively exchanged their opinions concerning the possibility of future collaboration between the two institutions. In the president meeting, CNU and Kyutech both agreed to discuss the implementation of dual-degree program and joint research in addition to student exchange programs, based on the successful collaborations over the past years. CNU delegates also had various activities such as meeting with the exchange students from CNU and Kyutech staff of student exchange program, a laboratory tour of Materials Science, and a steel plant tour at Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation.

During the two-day visit, CNU delegates appreciated the importance of past 20 years history of academic cooperation between Kyutech and CNU through meeting and talking with Kyutech faculty and staff at the front line of its education, research and international cooperation.

Exchanging the information on career placement supports for students with Career Center staffs

From left: Dean of International Affairs Yun Sehong, President Choi Haebeom and Prof. Kim Jonghwa

Meeting with the exchange students from CNU about their student life at Kyutech

The laboratory tour of Materials Science

Joining the steel plant tour at Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation

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