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An associate professor of Kyutech established ISO-19923 as the project leader!


ISO-19923 “Space environment (natural and artificial) -- Plasma environments for generation of worst case electrical potential differences for spacecraft” was approved at the final voting of May 1st 2017. ISO-19923 was established as an international standard -- authorized formally by the International Standard Organization.

The Laboratory of Spacecraft Environment Interaction Engineering (LaSEINE) began developing this standard starting in 2012.
Associate Prof. Toyoda (LaSEINE), as the project leader, has forged ahead with this standard along with an international team of experts, including Prof. Cho (LaSEINE), and others from the United States, Russia, China, etc. This standard is effective and beneficial because it allows us to design satellites safely against charging issues.

We would like to express our deepest appreciation for help and support from the relevant organizations in establishing this standard.

Example of spacecraft charging analysis used in the standard

Attendees of standard development meeting

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