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Commencement Ceremony 2022 Spring


Date: Friday, March 25, 2022

◆ Doctoral student
  9:00 Ceremony starts
  (8:30 Doors open/8:55 Finish seating)
  Venue: Nakamura Centenary Memorial Hall,Tobata Campus, Kyushu Institute of Technology

◆ Master's and undergraduate student
  11:30 Ceremony starts
  (10:15 Doors open /11:20 Finish seating)
  Venue: Venue:Kitakyushu Soleil Hall

- Please take note that changes may be made to how to hold the ceremony depending on the situation of COVID-19.
- As part of the protective measures against COVID-19, only graduating students are invited to attend the ceremony.
- For those who are not allowed to attend the ceremony(Master's and undergraduate student) such as family members, the University will provide a livestream of the ceremony via the Internet. Click here for live streaming (YouTube)

Guidance for COVID-19 prevention at the ceremony
The ceremony will be held with COVID-19 precaution measures in accordance with the guideline issued by Fukuoka prefecture. Your cooperation and consideration will be highly appreciated.

- While in the venue, please wear a face mask, refrain from conversations, maintain physical distancing, and avoid crowds. You may not be allowed to enter the venue without wearing a face mask.
- Before coming to the venue, measure your body temperature and make sure it is your normal body temperature.
- Please refrain from attending the ceremony when you have a fever, feel ill, or have symptoms and situations as follows.
 1. Identified as a COVID-19 patient or a close contact by Public Health Center
 2. Having symptoms such as; coughs, breathlessness, strong sluggishness of whole body, sore throat, runny nose or stuffy nose,
   smell and taste disorder, muscle and joint pains, headaches, diarrhea, having nausea or vomiting
 3. Had close contact with a person tested COVID-19 positive
 4. Even if you are not identified as a close contact by Public Health Center, your family members living together or friends whom
   you contacted (e.g. had conversations or dined together in a close setting) within 2 weeks before the ceremony are infected with
   the Novel Coronavirus
 5. Have traveled to the countries and regions subject to the border control (entry restriction and isolation after return) or had close contact
   with the residents of such countries and regions within 2 weeks before the ceremony
 6. Even if you feel all right on the day of ceremony, you were feeling clearly ill such as fever or flu like symptoms within 2 weeks
   before the ceremony
- Before entering the venue, your body temperature will be checked by thermography. If you have fever or the symptoms stated in the item 2 above, you are not allowed to enter.
- It is recommended to install “COVID-19 Contact-Confirming Application (COCOA)” released by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (MHLW), or other related notification services in advance.
- Staggered arrival is recommended to avoid crowds.
- When taking photos before and after the ceremony, avoid being too close and a face mask can only be taken off 'right before' taking photos.
- After the ceremony, dismiss immediately and gatherings and parties (including karaoke party) are not permitted.
- In case that infections have occurred, names and contact numbers of attendees could be provided to Public Health Center or other related public institutions if necessary.

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