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Urgent: Rapid increase of COVID-19 confirmed cases among Kyutech students


In spite of the declaration of a state of emergency issued for Fukuoka prefecture and the request to refrain from non-essential outings, we are seeing a rapid increase of COVID-19 confirmed cases and identified close contacts among Kyutech students since Golden Week.
Kyutech issues an urgent notice as follows and requests all the students to exercise thorough primary measures to prevent infection (wearing a mask, avoid 3Cs, sterilizing hands and fingers) and to be more cautious and responsible for your actions.

1. Current situation at Kyutech
The tally of the confirmed cases of the students from 1 to 19 May is 11, and some of the students have been infected with the COVID-19 variants which are more infectious and cause more severe symptoms even for young people. Also, increasing number of students are identified as a close contact at drinking parties.

2. Prohibition of events and actions with higher risks
Under the declaration of a state of emergency, Kyutech prohibits the students from the events and actions with higher risks of infection such as; drinking parties (including public drinking); dining in groups; parties (both indoor and outdoor); karaoke parties, and so on.

3. If you have fever or flu-like symptoms
Contact the University Health Center first. Then call your home doctor if you have, and follow their instructions and take medical examination. If you don’t have a home doctor, call a consultation center in your residential area and follow their instructions. You can find the contact list on the flowchart below. The flowchart also gives you a guidance on suspected COVID-19 symptoms and home recuperation period.

4. If you are identified as close contact
Contact the University Health Center immediately and stay at home by referring to the flowchart below. Please follow the instructions of Public Health Center.

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