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To all students: Kyutech’s policy for lectures of spring semester and first quarter 2021


Due to the threat of COVID-19 pandemic and its huge impacts such as the issuance of the declaration of a state of emergency, 2020 was an unprecedented year for all of us.

However, under such difficult situations, Kyutech will secure the opportunities of learning and maintain high quality in its activities for education, research and social contribution as the functions of university.
The end of COVID-19 pandemic is still unforeseeable and it will be required to take long-term countermeasures. With this in mind, Kyutech would like to inform you of its policy for the lectures of the upcoming spring semester and the first quarter 2021 as follows.

The policy is made in accordance with the current situation, and it will be updated or changed when another spread of infection or the latest information and knowledge found. For more details about the latest information of the Kyutech’s measures against COVID-19, please see the University website.

● Considering the importance of in-person interactions to nurture rich humanity, face-to-face lectures will be provided mainly for experimental and practical works and first or second year undergraduate courses. Together with face-to-face lectures, remote classes will be provided in order to prevent the infection and utilize the educational advantages.

● Remote classes will be implemented in various forms such as; synchronous type (interactive learning); and asynchronous type (on-demand video streaming, digital course materials). Also, both remote class and face-to-face lecture may be used in one course.

● Please prepare your PC, internet access and other devices and optimize your online learning environment.

● If you have any difficulties in taking face-to-face lectures such as having an underlying disease, consult with your school or graduate school. With the decision by Dean, you may be allowed to take courses by remote classes only.

【Contact about this notice】
Academic Support Section, Student Affairs Division
Phone: 093-884-3049
E-mail: gak-kyoshien*jimu.kyutech.ac.jp (Change * to @ when you email)

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