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Extracurricular activities


Risk Level for Extracurricular Activity Updated on 4 Mar

Level 3 (Strict Caution)

Extracurricular activity plan Updated on 4 Mar

The activities shall be held on the basis of each group's activity plans with precaution measures in accordance with risk levels. Each plan will undergo a careful checking by the university doctor and Student Section, then Dean's permission will be issued.

From 7 March, the Risk Level is lowered from “Level 4(Warning)” to “Level 3(Strict Caution)”, and the extracurricular activities are allowed to the extent in accordance with the Risk Level. The activities are permitted by the University after careful checking of the activity plans, but they can be limited again depending on the situation of the infections around Fukuoka prefecture and within the campuses of Kyutech. Your responsible actions are highly appreciated.

Training camps, away games/matches, concerts and other events Updated on 4 Mar

As exceptions for grade examinations, games and matches for promotion to higher league, and contests to present achievements of long-term activities and so on, such events can be approved by permission, provided that precautions manual is prepared by organizer and the participants are tested negative for PCR testing. Also, other activities and events can be approved by permission if they have rational reason and high necessity.

For the permission, clubs and teams need to submit an activity plan to Student Section of each campus. Each plan will undergo a careful checking by the university doctor and Student Section, then Dean's permission will be issued.

When participating in such events and activities, it is recommended for participants to complete the second vaccination (preferably the third vaccination) and undergo PCR testing before and after participation. For PCR testing, group application is available free of charge at University Health Center of each campus.

This policy is subject to change depending on the COVID-19 situations. Please check the latest information.

Holding and participating in parties (Drinking, dining, karaoke)

Kyutech has been reported about the increasing number of infection cases including clusters among the students who participated in drinking parties, group dining, home parties, and karaoke parties.
Here in Fukuoka prefecture, the declaration of a state of pre-emergency was lifted, but the newly confirmed cases could plateau at high level or increase again, and it will be a long way to return to normal.

Although it is the time of university graduation and entrance, Kyutech requests the students to refrain from parties and to take responsible actions, recognizing that such parties have higher risks of infection which can bring negative impact on many people around.

Clubs and teams at Kyutech

There are various clubs and teams at Kyutech and it is recommended for freshmen to take a look at the list below. It is not prohibited to contact online with each other even before the clubs and teams restart their activities. Consider joining the clubs and teams and enjoy extracurricular activities after the restart.

Part-time job

We are seeing the infection cases occurred at parties with co-workers of part-time job. After working, please leave for home immediately.

When choosing a part-time job, make sure that the precautionary measures, especially against 3Cs (close contact settings, crowded place, confined space), are taken thoroughly at the workplace. If you look for a job at a restaurant, check whether “the certification mark of infection prevention” has been issued by Fukuoka prefecture to the restaurant, which means the restaurant is taking thorough precautionary measures.

When you work, make sure to follow the precautions manual of your workplace. If there is no such manual, please be cautious by yourself and take thorough precautionary measures such as wearing a mask and sterilizing hands and fingers.

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